Affects of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch


Have you ever heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch? Well if not, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, otherwise known as the North Pacific Gyre, is a part of the northern Pacific Ocean about the size of Africa made up of trash. This collection of plastic, toxic waste, chemicals, and other trash is not only very hazardous to the marine life, but to us as well. But how?
MARINE LIFE: 1. long lasting plastics and toxic waste are ingested by marine life and their young making them very sick (2. Chemicals in trash pollute the ocean making water toxic (3. Plastic including that holding soda cans gets caught on marine life, like sea turtles, choking them (4. Plastic bags are mistaken for other animals and are eaten by some marine life, killing them (5. Much more
HUMANS: 1. Plastic including chemicals and toxic waste is consumed by fish. We then use these fish to eat meaning that we are also ingesting toxins (2. Trash from the ocean washes up on our beaches, polluting them

* participate in beach cleanups
this way trash on beaches won’t be brought back into the ocean
*reduce your plastic waste and other trash
use reusable bags at the store, make a compost pile, use reusable water bottles, etc.
There are many ways to reduce your amount of trash.
* don’t leave trash on the street
This trash can get into sewer drains and be washed away into the ocean


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