Why You Should Rescue a Dog Rather Than Buy One


Have you ever adopted a dog from a shelter? If so, then you know that it is better to rescue a dog rather than buy one. There are way to many dogs in animal shelters these days. In fact, 6-8 million dogs are brought to a pound or rescue shelter each year in the U.S. alone. But why else should you adopt your furry friend?

First of all, you can save, and improve, the life of a dog. Of the 6-8 million dogs in shelters, 3-4 million will be euthanized. As for improving a life, you can give sweet dogs who have only known abuse and neglect a more comfortable life with lots of love; something that they never got before. Or you can give a surrendered dog a second chance.

Second, you won’t be supporting puppy mills and pet stores. Dogs raised in puppy mills live in very poor conditions, and parents are left in small cages to breed over and over again. This overbreeding can cause birth defects to the puppies. Also, when parents cannot breed anymore, they are either killed or abandoned. As for pet stores, they make sure that you never know where a puppy really came from. The truth is that most pet stores get their pups from puppy mills, meaning that the cute little poodle behind the glass could really be suffering from a serious birth defect.

Third, adopting a rescue is simply cheaper. You can get expensive breeds of dogs anywhere from $200-$700, depending on the breed, age, and costs to the shelter. For example, an English bulldog puppy is about $3000, while the same breed at a rescue is only $300-$700. And do not think that puppies are easier to train because they aren’t. Dogs at rescues are older so they have most likely already out grown their puppy habits.

Let’s recap; you should rescue a dog rather than buy one because you can save the life of a dog, you won’t be supporting puppy mills and pet stores, and it is simply cheaper.


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