The Cruelty of Zoos


I’m sure that you have been to a zoo at some time in your life, and so have I. But has it ever occurred to you that zoos may actually be quite cruel to the animals living there? It has to me and by doing research, I now know why.
First of all, animals that are kept in zoos do not have proper habitats. No matter how large a habitat is, animals still do not have enough room to live the same life as they would in the wild, and they are forced to see the same surroundings every day, sometimes including a painted back round. Also, zoo habitats do not allow the animals to get enough exercise. For example, elephants in the wild travel for miles every day in herds of about 10. However, in their enclosures, they are not able to do so. As well as that, elephants are very social creatures, but in zoos elephants live in groups of about 2 or are even isolated.
Second, animals in zoos are very stressed. Not doing enough physical activity and not being socialized can make them this way. You will often see zoo animals pacing or biting themselves, which are signs that the animal is in stress. However, people have become so used to seeing how animals behave in zoos and do not notice.
Zoos also take away an animal’s chance to hunt. This is because zoo animals get regular feedings every day. This is another instance of zoo animals not being able to live as wild animals.
Last, zoos often have surplus animals. Surplus animals are animals that the zoo does not have enough room for, so they are either killed or returned to the wild, where chances of survival are slim. This means that when the cute cheetah kitten stops being cute, it can be kicked out of the zoo.
There are many other reasons of why zoos are cruel, but these are just a few. And you may want to research more articles about it, as there are others online.

*Stop going to zoos
If you wish to learn about wildlife, watch nature shows or read books, as at zoos you really don’t learn about the natural life of the creatures
*Educate others about the wrongness of zoos, and try to get others to stop supporting zoos as well. Consider telling people about this post
*If you really feel strongly about this, maybe start a protest, as it can go a long way


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